Moving Up and Growing Up



Dear Son,

Tomorrow you’ll go through your 8th grade moving up ceremony with little thought of anything but the middle school memory in your rear view mirror and both the summer and high school years on the horizon. For you, tomorrow is merely a blip on the radar of your 14-year-old life. For me though, it marks an important milestone in the journey we’ve been on the last few years.

It was supposed to be a family journey. I left my television news career to be the mom my job didn’t allow me to be, but one I needed to be after dad died. We were all on cloud nine at first, knowing I could be home morning, noon and night. That summer of 2015 was amazing, carefree and so full of joy. Then the rapid-fire changes started happening. You switched schools. You switched baseball teams. Your sister left to college. You essentially became an only child – and my number one priority. I took you to school and picked you up. I took you to your baseball workouts, practices and games. I got to know your teachers, your friends and their parents. I seized every moment I could get with you and every opportunity I could do for you. In my mind I had become the best parent in the world. In yours, I had become an annoying, overbearing ‘helicopter mom.’ It would crush me when we’d butt heads or one of us would trip up. It took a few experts to convince me that what we were experiencing was perfectly normal and the last thing I could do was give up. Not that I would. I didn’t. Neither did you. I researched, I read and learned to release the reins enough to give you a stronger sense of independence. I also gave myself a little too. I returned to TV part-time, without sacrificing the ability to take you to and from school. You started reaching out when you needed help. You asked my advice. You even confided in me when I least expected it. We’ve come a long way, baby!

In many ways our family journey came down to the journey of you and me.

We set out with good intentions, hit some rough patches, fell down a few times but stood up as far better people than when we started. Our journey is far from over. But I want you to know you have amazed me with your maturity, confidence and trust.

Congratulations Christian! I am so proud of the young man you’ve grown into – and the man you’re about to become.

I love you!


“Always know that you are…
Braver than you believe
Stronger than you seem
Smarter than you think
And loved more than you know”


  • Nana Lou Ann 3 years ago

    I am not on my computer very often but was pleased to see Catherine Anaya name on a headline which was her blog at one time. I was soooo pleased to hear how you guys are doing. So proud of the 3 of you and how you have handled the sadness we’ve all felt the past years. We have learned that we are strong and life does go on without Dave. We know he would want us to miss him and think of him every day but he didn’t want to leave us so we have to go on with our lives as he would want it that way.
    I am still in the same house and Denise and Jessica have shared it with me since Jim died They have plans to move this summer to Oregon. Jessica is finishing 5th grade which is the end of elementary school here. I will miss them but plan to stay here and possibly Michael moving back here. I will have empty bedrooms and hopefully you will come visit sometime.
    Congrats on your advancement from Middle School Christian and your progress at USC Briana and your success with your TV show Cathy. Wish I could see you! My mobility is not what it once was…am still driving in the neighborhood but no distances.
    Let me hear from you when you get a chance to write. Miss you a LOT! Love, Lou Ann

    • Catherine Anaya 2 years ago

      Thank you Lou Ann!!!

  • Martha Basco 3 years ago

    Awwww…that is beautiful, Catherine.
    Time has flown by so fast, it is hard to believe that “my favorite (and only) grandson” will be in high school in a few months. Have you already thought of how you will “handle” the onslaught of teenage girls? Yikes!
    I am so proud of You, Bri, Doug, and Christian for creating an awesome environment in which you all support each other and thrive, individually and as a family.
    Love you beyond words.
    Mom ♡♡♡♡

    • Catherine Anaya 2 years ago


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