When Emotions run Free

FullSizeRender-2In just a few days I’ll sign off my last newscast at CBS 5 News. I have been so thrilled about spending more time with my family and working on new projects, I stunned myself by breaking down the other day. I had just returned from a shooting a Better Arizona story for the news about a nonprofit led by one woman and a group of volunteers who feed the needy a hot meal once a week in Glendale. For 20 years they’ve continued this tradition, sustained by donations and their own pocketbooks. I walked in to a bustling room full of families and people of all ages standing in line waiting for their free meal. Some were homeless, some were not but those I talked to told me how grateful they are for the two hours of refuge, a free meal and an opportunity to feel respected.

When I walked into the room the woman in charge announced to the room that I was there and presented me with a “retirement” gift. Everyone standing in line and the line of volunteers ready to serve the food broke into applause. One by one folks came over to tell me they were regular viewers who were sad to learn that I was leaving the station. It just blew me away! I thought, of all the challenges these folks have in their lives, why would they choose to know my name much less care that I was leaving my job or why? But they did. Some told me they had been watching me since the 1990’s.

It really became one of those “wow” moments where I felt so humbled and grateful for the career I’ve had and the impact I’ve been able to make.

After dozens of years broadcasting news, you’d like to think you’re making a difference and that people are connecting with you. The powers that be like to define it in ratings. I prefer to go by the feedback I receive from real interaction with real people in real time. I’ve never been comfortable when people treat me like a “celebrity” but I’ve always appreciated when people tell me they watch me/our news each night.  This was one of those days and in talking about it to a co-worker I just broke down thinking about what an honor and a privilege it has been to be able to pursue my passion and to realize that some people do connect with it. Speaking of people, when I’m asked what I’m going to miss most about my news career, I always go back to the people I work with. I’ve been so focused on my family the last few months and the reasons behind my decision to leave broadcasting that I haven’t spent much time thinking about how Friday July 10 is going to feel when I sign off the air for the last time and leave my family away from family. I will share that day with you. But if my reaction to applause from a group of people I don’t know is any indication, Friday is going to be full of emotions I won’t even try to predict.


  • Virginia 5 years ago

    Will really miss you and your smile. Good Luck.

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you Virginia :)

  • Shirley 5 years ago

    I have watched you for about 10 years now, will miss you. I wish you well in your future indevers.

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you Shirley! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for watching through the years. I’m so grateful!!

  • irene vejar 5 years ago

    You will be mist you were a role model for young Latinas I remember you for channel 12 and was disappointed when you left there being a Latina my was very to see another successful Latina successed. Good luck with your new in your live god bless you

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you so much Irene. That means so much to me. I appreciate your loyalty and viewership through the years! xo – Catherine

  • Doug Robertson 5 years ago

    Use to work for your insurance carrier you were always great to work with when yo called. Loved your show, loved your style, and your running! Kinda shocked and was very sad to see you go! Namaste!

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      I remember you Doug! As were you. Thank you for continuing to follow. I appreciate the support through the years! All the best, Catherine

  • Gail 5 years ago

    Sorry to see you go, but appreciate putting your family first. Will be praying for you and your family. Blessings and best wishes for your future.

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you so much Gail! xo Catherine

  • debbie 5 years ago

    After reviewing your blog and reasons for leaving your position at the station, I wanted to cry! I think in part, I can truly relate losing my own ex husband to his sudden death. Even after 1 year later I still go through things like if only…..patience,my unkind words etc. I can only reach out to our adult children and make sure they are doing ok with things of that nature. god bless you and good luck

  • Jan Johnson 5 years ago

    I have to tell you a little story about Wings of Peace. In 2008, I met Louise at a bowling alley. Long story short…she and I connected. I felt drawn to her. Come to find out, she had been extremely close to my niece Kim Sather, an EMT who died young in a two person plane crash. She thought of her as a daughter and looked after her. She even put together a memorial for Kim while the rest of the family morned in Washington State. I volunteered at Wings for a couple years.

  • Brian 5 years ago

    Congratulations on your decision. You are one classy lady and you will be missed. Thanks for all of you solid support during the Yarnell fpre and aftermath.
    You are a true professional and you will be successful no matter what you do.

    God Bless

  • Fay Jacobson 5 years ago

    I will miss you lots..your the best at telling it like it is. Your smile I will miss lots. Good luck to your next step in your life with your family.

  • Mary Jane McCrory 5 years ago

    Enjoy reading your blogs, and will miss seeing you on T.V., but am glad you can spend time with your family.

  • Luis S. 5 years ago

    Congratulations on your decision to be with your family. You’ve been an important part of news in the valley for many years. You will remembered for your journalistic integrity, charismatic personality and for the work you did in community. Congratulations, enjoy your family and new path in life.

  • Pam Jackson 5 years ago

    I am sure going to miss you and Sean anchoring the news together. I am a huge fan of yours and I have loved watching you on Channel 5. I wish you all the best of luck in your next chapter of your life.

  • Bill 5 years ago

    I have really enjoyed watching you on 5 going to miss you. Good Luck

    • linda henderson 5 years ago

      My husband and I have enjoyed watching you and Sean since moving to AZ in 2006. You will be missed? Good luck to you and may God bless you and your family. Linda and Mike Henderson.

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