Loving My Many Hats


I love hats. Fedoras, baseball caps, running hats, any chance I can wear a hat, I do. Which is a good thing because life after news has me wearing a daily mix of hats that put me in pure hat heaven!

I get to wear a driver hat now as my son’s personal chauffer. From baseball practice to baseball training and any place in between that he needs to get to, I’m the driver. I still can’t decide which is more fun – getting the front row seat to watching him play or the fun chatter we develop while getting from one place to the other, just the two of us.


I’ve dusted off my chef’s hat by cooking not one but four meals last week: Jambalaya, lasagna, spicy shrimp tacos – and I even cooked spaghetti squash! I don’t know which was more exciting, the family actually liking the food or discovering how to navigate my way through the grocery store in less than 15 minutes.

My wife hat looks significantly better on these days too now that I don’t have to wait until the weekend to wear it. My husband calls it refreshing to come home from work and find me there and I enjoy being able to help carrying some of the load.


But that does not mean my outside work is done. As I’ve said many times before, it’s not in my DNA not to work. So I’ve also added boss hat to my collection. That’s the one I get to wear as the owner of my own media business, 4Hearts Media. For the last three months I’d wake up in the morning before the kids or stay up at night after everyone else was in bed, putting the pieces together so that my business baby would be ready to go after I officially left news. I always intended to keep using my skills to do meaningful work in the community. Through this new venture I will help businesses and nonprofits tell their stories in a visually impactful way. I will speak to groups and organizations about the positive transformation that can come from life-changing events – even the tragic ones. With media training, I’ll be able to use my 25+ years as a TV news anchor to help others learn how to better present themselves in front of a camera. I guess you could say I’ll be doing a little of a lot, but with family first – because no hat looks as good or fits as perfectly as that.


  • Monica 5 years ago

    That is great that you can be with your son more :). They grow up to fast to soon!

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      They sure do Monica! I have a daughter leaving to college in a few weeks. My son needs me now more than ever :)

  • don rychlick 5 years ago

    You go girl ! do where make you happy

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you Don!!

  • Martha Basco 5 years ago

    And you are terrific wearing each of those hats!!
    Proud of you. ♡♡♡♡

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you mommy!! xo

  • Betty Leavitt 5 years ago

    Great blog story. Well written, informative, and humorous!!
    Best wishes for success in all your “hat roles”. I know you will do well.

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you Betty! I really appreciate you taking the time to read. I hope you will visit often :)

  • Lou Ann Latter 5 years ago

    Home from errands and housecleaners said my office had been cleaned so I could go in there…has a nice ceiling fan too which we can’t live without these days as many in Saratoga don’t have air conditioning. I love reading your thoughts and feelings about life and things and you do sound so happy. .I’ Am happy for you!!!
    Saw the funniest movie ever (for you and Briana…R rated and Christian probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.)Amy Schumer wrote and starred in it…..Trainwreck.I know you like good movies as I do. You may have seen it opening day as I did.
    Will chat with you again soon…..Love, LouAnn

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      Thank you Lou Ann, always great hearing from you! She saw it without me :( But Doug and I have a date this weekend to see it! xo

  • Georgiann Serpe 5 years ago

    Good for you! When my kids were young I was blessed with being able to stay home with them for many years. There is no greater privilege than being available to your kids when they need you…at any age! Chauffeur, cook, coach, tutor, friend, trouble shooter, ear…invaluable ‘hats’ all. God Bless!

    • Catherine Anaya 5 years ago

      I’m loving ALL of them! :)

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